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Working in Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is famous for being the giant of South America. But even a giant had to be a baby someday. The Brazilian economy has been proving to grow more and more independent everyday, but finding good jobs is still a privilege for not all of the population.

The simple Brazilian worker in Rio de Janeiro, the one fellow who doesn’t have enough education, will either be in between jobs or having to maintain many jobs in order to provide for their families. Like many other developing nations, Brazil is working its way towards a lower unemployment rate every year. But in Rio de Janeiro, the modest workers still have to scrape their way out.

But if you’re a Brazilian and you have enough Education, it might not be hard to find a job in Rio de Janeiro. There are many developing areas that need workforce from abroad. Because of the still small number of highly qualified workers in areas like technology for an instance, some employers prefer to import some of their needed “brains” from other countries.

Oyster seller in Rio

Oyster seller in Rio. Copyright: Adriana Martins, SXC

The minimum wage in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil is set on $465,00 reais (Brazilian money) a month – around $235 in US dollars. The large and growing number of college graduates looking for internships is abundant and usually the interns don’t make any salary but get transportation and meals. The internet is widely spread and just like North Americans and Europeans, Brazilians look for jobs mostly online. The quality of jobs is increasing with the access of internet becoming more of a regular item in everybody’s households. And so is the income.

The fast growing businesses in Brazil push the businessmen and managers to dig for the most qualified workers anywhere. You may find many fine and bright young Brazilian workers and thinkers behind such businesses in Rio de Janeiro, but you may also find foreigners who were literally fished out of their tanks into the big giant of South America.

Rio de Janeiro, being the 2nd largest city in Brazil, maintains one of the largest growing number of businesses and the demand for a highly qualified workforce is also growing with them. This creates pressure on the Universities to prepare finer and better thinkers so the employers won’t have to look for them anywhere else.

Finding a job in Rio de Janeiro might be easy enough, if you have just what they’re looking for.

Lead photo: Worker in Rio de Janeiro. Copyright by Bruno Neves on SXC

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