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Best Cities in Chile

http://blog.ailolalatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/3927311373_7204d477e1_z.jpghttp://blog.ailolalatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/3927311373_7204d477e1_z.jpgBest Cities in Chile


Often compared to San Francisco due to the steep hills and funky culture, Valparaíso is a city set on a broad bay that is full of life and oozing with art. Visit the house of Pablo Nerudo called La Sebastiana, ride the ancient acensores- elevators- that carry locals up and down the steep hillsides, and bring your camera to capture off of the vibrant colors.

San Pedro de Atacama

Situated in the driest in the world, San Pedro de Atacama is a comfortable oasis with a Wild West edge. Set out on outdoor adventures in nearby Death Valley (below) and Valley of the Moon, which boast gorgeous sand dunes and a landscape reminiscent of the moon.

Death Valley outside of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

CC Image courtesy of Dave_B_ on Flickr


Valdivia is a quaint University City set on a coastal inlet, south of Santiago in the spectacular Los Ríos Region. The seafood is unforgettable, the people are kind, and there is an abundance of excellent, locally produced beer due to the noticeable German influence.


As far as major cities in South America go, Santiago de Chile is a gem- it’s clean, beautiful, safe, and full of museums and great restaurants. Get lost in one of the many neighborhoods like Barrio Brasil or Bellavista of stick to the center of town and enjoy strolling on the spacious, tree-covered pedestrian only streets. Don’t miss the bustling Mercado Central, packed full with fish vendors and small restaurants in a gorgeous historic building.


Nestled in the middle of the Lakes District beneath the Villarica Volcano, Pucón has a ski town feel and is close to several national parks, hot springs, and scenic drives.  There are several fancier hot spring/spas in the area but if you’re looking for natural springs, value, and scenery, the very best place to soak is Los Pozones.

Puerto Natales

This sleepy, wind battered fishing port has transformed into an outdoor adventure hub to serve visitors to nearby Parque Nacional Torre del Paine, Chile’s crown jewel of national parks. Consider traveling by boat on the Navimag ferry from Puerto Montt to experience the rugged coastline and breathtaking fjords of Patagonia.

Puerto Natales, Chile

CC Image courtesy of Evelyn Proimos on Flickr

Lead Photo: CC Image courtesy of Alex E. Proimos on Flickr


Ryan is a writer, photographer, and teacher living and volunteering throughout Latin America.

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