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Ailola Latino Joins Reforestation Project in Patagonia

Ailola Latino Joins Reforestation Project in Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the world’s last truly wild places. It’s a natural treasure that must be protected and returned to its natural state. Part of this effort, in conjunction with numerous conservation efforts, is a reforestation campaign which is being led in Chile by Reforest Patagonia. Ailola Latino has contributed to the effort by planting three trees. Check out the crucial work that Reforest Patagonia is currently doing.

The Problem

In the last century, forest fires and human intervention have destroyed more than 7.5 million acres of pristine wilderness in Patagonia.

The Movement

This campaign unites the Image Foundation of Chile, the Government of Chile (Undersecretary of Tourism and CONAF), Patagonia Sur, and ClanEco to create a citizen driven movement to plant 1 million native-species trees in one of the world’s most ecologically important places.

Reforest Patagonia is a nonprofit, public-private alliance that unites people of different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities with a single objective: to recover one of the world’s most important ecosystems.

The Scope

Reforest Patagonia hopes to increase the scope of the project in the next few years, recovering thousands of acres of native forest in Chilean National Parks and Reserves.

The Plan of Action

Reforestation in Chile has been targeted in the following parks and reserves: Torres del Paine National Park, Laguna San Rafael National Park, Largo Carlotta National Reserve, Lago Las Torres National Reserve, Cerro Castillo National Reserve. Nothofagus trees were chosen in the reforestation effort because they are native to Patagonian ecosystems. If the Patagonia was not affected by significant human intervention, these species would have naturally flourished in the region.

The professionals at Patagonia Sur will oversee the planting of all trees in collaboration with CONAF, Chile’s national forestry service. Planting teams will include a forestry engineer, technician, line markers, planters, and trained volunteers from Chile’s National Youth Institute, INJUV. Individuals, organizations like Ailola Latino, and corporations can all make a contributions to support the effort.

Lead Image: CC Image courtesy of pellaea on Flickr


Ryan is a writer, photographer, and teacher living and volunteering throughout Latin America.

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