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Start-Up Chile: helping to Build Ailola Latino

http://blog.ailolalatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/la-foto3.jpghttp://blog.ailolalatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/la-foto3.jpghttp://blog.ailolalatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/la-foto3.jpgStart-Up Chile: helping to Build Ailola Latino

Part of Ailola Latinos funding comes from Start-up Chile, a governmental organization that attracts early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs. It’s an elite group selected to prosper and develop as it goes global.

Start-Up Chile started by selecting 22 individuals from 14 countries and has expanded to over 1500 applicants in 30 countries. Wind has caught fire, bringing about a bright batch of hardworking, enthusiastic characters from around the world. With an effective admission process, new companies such as Ailola Latino, a language school booking agency, Memeoirs, where you can turn your e-mails into books, and Edoome, connecting students, teachers and spreading knowledge, have begun to develop and prosper.

What is Start-Up Chile?

Start-up Chile is a governmental program created by the Chilean government used to drive new and innovative ideas through Chile and throughout the world. The ultimate goal was to become an international hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America.

The program began in 2010. The plan was to bring in entrepreneurs, give them a place to develop and execute ideas, necessary funding, and then watch them grow. The companies selected for the program didn’t require any equity, only a commitment that they would live and work in Chile for a minimum of six months to receive funding. Each candidate would be entitled to US$40,000 and a 1 year work visa provided by the Chilean government. The selection process sought innovative ideas developed to impact the world for the better; an idea with a global mindset.

The Work Place

Entrepreneurs travel from every corner of the globe to gather in a like-minded atmosphere. They gather in a spacious setting with tables, couches and chairs scattered about. Start-Up Chile has created an ambiance similar to Building 20, a constant collision of ideas, theories and techniques. Sitting at a table, you will hear a developer ask a marketing agent where to place their submit button. At the water cooler, a frustrated salesman might vent to a copy editor, and in return the copy editor will explain how he pitches his ideas.

Although Building 20 had a little bit of asbestos and wasn’t nearly as easy on the eyes as the Urban Station in Chile, the idea remains the same. A building composed of a wide range of people with different ideas and different projects gathered in one setting. They grow and emerge with the help of each other. As a new group of businessmen and developers enter, the more experienced veterans explain the visa process, living arrangements, and success stories. Experienced founders find themselves in a routine but the new and fresh ideas of enthusiastic entrepreneurs emerge to direct them towards new angles.


Samuel is originally from the rural town of Ubly, MI. He graduated from Michigan State University in 2009 and continues to learn, work and travel every chance he can. He currently resides in Santiago, Chile.

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