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The Night Clubs and Bars in Santiago de Chile Night Clubs and Bars in Santiago de Chile

The Chilean culture is very different from the rest of South America, they party until it’s broken up or they have found something better that came along throughout the night. If you haven’t experienced coming home or to your hotel room at 8 am in the morning from a night of fun, drinking and dancing with your friends, then you haven’t lived your vacation to the fullest. The Chilean people will celebrate anything and everything and have a holiday and a vacation for those days. They also know of all the picada (famous or small yet good) places to drink, eat and just have fun and, of course the important carretes (Parties) that will fill up your night. Every town is different in Chile, some like to party big while others just party at pubs with glasses of wine or other sorts of various alcoholic beverages, but some cities like to offer both styles.


Santiago has some of the biggest clubs in the country. There is diversity all over and it is a great way to meet people from all over the world, since Chile is an upcoming country.

Bellas Artes (Beautiful Arts): Is the nightlife spot for everything, a drink with your friends at the local pub, a dance club for the afterhours and if you have a car, security parking on the streets.

Clubs: Bar Opium, Mito Urbano and Backstage Experience

Providencia: Has some of the chic restaurants and pubs in the city, if you like upscale bars then Providencia. is the spot you want to be. There’s a mix of everything from types of food from all over the world which helps please everyone.

Restaurants: Giratorio Restaurant, El Parrón and A Pinch of Pancho

Dj stage in a nightclub. Photos by Paulo Mella

Patio Bellavista: Another high-end part of town where you can go out and eat with co-workers or with friends and enjoy the night. It holds all exclusive restaurants and bars, each for his personal taste.

Restaurants: Dublín, Mr. Jack Burger Bar and Openbox

El Centro: Downtown has it all, from clubs being in a roof top to bars in a loft, or just a hole in the wall type of bar in a corner of a populated street. Downtown needs to be experienced by everyone.

Restaurants: ZANZIBAR, EUROPEO, and Sukalded

Viña del Mar!

Viña, is on the west coast of Chile and it’s considered a beautiful place to just vacation, but for the young traveling soul, it can be both. Aside from a view of the beach just about anywhere in the city, it has a wide range of pubs, bars and restaurant and nightclubs, which you can party all night.

Restaurants: Tierra De Fuego, Restaurant San Martin, Sushi House


Valpo, A mix of culture, architecture and life; this city will surprise you and steal your heart. The night life here is amazing, everything happens in the center of Valpo. The prices of things in this town are undervalued making it a popular destination. It’s perfect for a night out with your friends and wish to experience the life of a Valparisen.

Clubs: Mascara, Multiespacio and Oasis 

Do take caution when going out at night, just like in every other city in the world!

Lead Photo by: Paulo Mella.

Mason Huenur

Is a traveler at heart, has been living in Santiago for two years now and loving it. Hobbies are playing sports, reading and making art. He would love to travel to Europe and live there, like he has been able to do it with South America.

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