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The Playas Chile has to Offer Playas Chile has to Offer

Chile’s beaches are some of the best in South America. Travellers from Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay come to visit them. The beaches can be really luxurious to just your normal type of beach that would be placed in the coast line of your state. There’re a few beaches that can be reached from Santiago, but there are also ones up north that are really nice and most people visit those if they don’t care to be near the capital. The high season for tourists starts in late December and drops at the end of February. In the off season some small beaches may be close off but most of them are open just with no lifeguard and few restaurants open.

Central Region

All of these beaches in the central region are close enough to Santiago and environs to attract hordes of visitor during the summer months. The beaches in these areas have a low water temperature due to the Humboldt current. There exist many accommodations from camping grounds to top of the line hotels to resorts. Most of the restaurants on the coast are popular for their seafood dishes, and the nightlife is lively.

  • Chile’s most famous balneariois Viña del Mar.
  • A few minutes away lies Concón, known for scenic locale and recreational sports.
  • Reñaca has a beautiful white sand beach; swimming is not recommended. Surfing mostly.
  • Valparaíso is Chile’s major seaport and reminds a lot of people of San Francisco.
  • Quintero is both a balneario and a marina preferred by yachtsmen.
  • Horcón is a small fishing village also known by its hands-craft colony.
  • Algarrobo is known for aquatic sports including international competitions. The water is calm. Nearby is a small island called Los Pajaros Ninos.
  • Zapallar is mostly considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile, with clean white sand and forested hills. Scuba diving and sea fishing recommended.
  • Maitencillo offers a wide beach and pine and eucalyptus forest.
  • El Tabo is extremely popular for its long wide beach. Sea fishing.
  • Santo Domingo is scenic but wonderfully windy.
  • Pichidangui with long white sandy beach line and sheltered cove makes it a must for surfing, scuba diving.
  • Isla Negra is not only the location for Pablo Neruda’s home, but also an agate-strewn beach.
  • Pichilemu is designed to be like a European Resort, but it has been popular for windsurfers and surfers.

The shoreline of one of the beaches in Zapallar. Photo by: Cuchufli66, Flickr.

Small North

Theses beaches are from 4-5 hours away from Santiago.

  • La Serena a bit like Viña but not as expensive. It is crowded but it keeps growing. Surfing.
  • Coquimbo a long beautiful beach. Windsurfing, scuba diving.
  • Caldera is famous for windsurfing.

Panorama view of the seaport in Iquique. Photo by Lobo Austral, Flickr.

The North

These beaches are in the far north about 6-12 hours away from Santiago, ways of transportation: cars, buses and airplanes fly to these areas. The landscapes of the beaches are wide sand and rocky cliffs. Water temperature varies with the season, but usually it’s on the cool side.

  • Arica has a spring-like climate, year around. The water is warm and the beaches are popular. Surfing and Windsurfing.
  • Iquique’s beaches are ideal for swimming and nautical sports. Surfing.
  • Antofagasta is a major seaport, but there are a few sandy beaches scattered around the town, the ones down south are the best ones. Windsurfing.

Lead Photo by the author: Mason Huenur

Mason Huenur

Is a traveler at heart, has been living in Santiago for two years now and loving it. Hobbies are playing sports, reading and making art. He would love to travel to Europe and live there, like he has been able to do it with South America.

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