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Rio’s Top Nightclubs

http://blog.ailolalatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/rio-de-janeiro-nightlife.jpgRio’s Top Nightclubs

Rio de Janeiro’s best bars and nightclubs tend to be located in the districts by the south side of town, where all the artists, models and famous personalities live and work. Find yourself a guide and forget about tomorrow!

Circo Voador

A historical and eventful spot that you should not miss is the definitive Circo Voador. A place with more than 25 years of history discovering what’s best in popular and outstanding in Carioca (born in Rio) music where famous celebrities and socialites are always seen checking the new and most flourishing acts. Located in Lapa, the Disco Voador experience will leave a taste of longing in your mouth.

Rio Night Skyline

Rio de Janeiro by Night. Copyright by Matthias Meurer on Flickr

Aside from that venue, the top 4 places to visit in Rio’s nightlife are: Baronetti, Nuth, Club Six and Melt. They’ll offer you the best of what Rio has in terms of nightlife. They’re also the hardest ones to get into.


Baronneti is the most upscale and expensive nightclub in the district of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Most of the club’s regulars are the country’s finest and richest young men and women who are looking for a great time out. This nightclub doesn’t have a closing hour, being open for as long as there are people inside. Five in the morning is when you see people fleeting from the clubs back home or to the nearest Ipanema beach.


Nuth is one of the most highly recommended nightclubs in Rio. It’s located at the Lagoa district where all the artists and famous models live. At the Nuth Club as they’re known, there’s nothing that can stop those who are in a mission: to have fun. The trendy crowd makes this one of the top places to go in Rio.

Club Six

Club Six at the Lapa district is not the spot for early crowds. This nightclub starts to get on fire after 1 a.m. and won’t stop until after the sun has risen. Hip-hop, Brazilian popular dancing music and beats will keep the hot crowd hypnotized while their sweaty bodies swing. This is definitely a place for those who enjoy the nightlife and its perks!

Melt Nightclub

Melt Nightclub in the always trendy region of Leblon, should be a must go to if you’re into a mixed and always interesting crowd. Like all the other clubs, Melt is a hard one to get in. You must look your finest and be able to blend in with the greatest. Being a local VIP crowd’s favorite this club also offers quality food, not to mention the live music always making regulars bounce off the walls.

After the fun you’ll experience in these four Brazilians’ favorites, it will be hard to find anything that can top their tremendous sense of self indulgence and luxurious ways. Nothing will ever be as fun as the nights you’ll spend at these nightclubs.

Lead photo: Rio’s Party Nightlife. Copyright by Rodrigo Della Fávera on Flickr.

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