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Tourist Dangers in Rio de Janeiro

Tourist Dangers in Rio de Janeiro

If you have a barometer for excitement Rio de Janeiro is the place. A particular hot spot for tourists is Rio de Janeiro, beautiful, exciting, and crime ridden. You may encounter drug violence, you could be robbed by a band of children, so be very careful about taking valuables along with you. Take an extra copy of your passport with you, and don’t be ashamed to wear cheap watches, no jewelry and put that expensive camera equipment away.

The poverty rate is very high in Rio de Janeiro and so is police corruption. Rio is no place to BIG SHOT; keep it simple, it may save you a bump on the head. Be practical; keep your money under wraps. Try and take group tours as opposed to going it alone.

There is a very fast crowd that moves about Rio, try your best to stay away from what might be drug groups. A number of young people use drugs, so do not push any buttons if you should encounter them. A large section of the people live in very poor neighborhoods, better known as the Ghetto. The people of Rio call the areas Favelas. As with any ghetto it is not wise to visit if you do not know the neighborhood.

With some of the police being on the take it is best stay clear of law enforcement especially if you are a tourist. Too many have found themselves in a situation not of their own creation having to buy their way out of trouble. Carry some money, but not a great deal. You don’t want to be hurt because you don’t have anything should you be approached by a robber.

Crime can happen anywhere in the world. In some places the signs are just more subtle, so the name of the game is to be alert and to be extra careful when you do not know where you are. An old saying fits here, “When you are in Rome do as the Romans do,” dress, and act as if you have been in Rio de Janeiro all of your life. Research an area before you go, this may sound boring but the more you understand a place and its people the more you will enjoy being there. Rio is such a beautiful place but you must be careful.

Lead photo: Favela da Rocinha. Copyright by Kevin Jones on Flickr.

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