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Have a Blast Learning Brazilian Portuguese

Have a Blast Learning Brazilian Portuguese

Are you planning a trip to Brazil? This can be one of the most exciting times in your life but it could be even more exciting especially if you plan ahead and try learning Brazilian Portuguese before you get there. Or visit one of our Portuguese programs in Florianópolis, Maceió, Sao Paulo or Salvador da Bahia while you are in Brazil.

Learning a language is exciting for people of all ages, especially if you are in a situation where you get to use the language. Even children enjoy learning languages, otherwise cartoons like Dora the explorer, and Go Diego would not be so popular. Learning Brazilian Portuguese could be a family activity that you start practicing just a few months before leaving on your trip.

Another great reason to learn some of the language, is because anyone from a foreign country respects you more, and has a certain admiration for people that have taken the time to learn some of their language.

You don’t have to learn to speak fluently but a few simple phrases and words will suffice. After all anyone enjoys being thanked, or being asked politely in their own language. The following are a few words that you can start with.

  • Where is? – Onde é?
  • How much? – Quanto custa?
  • Yes – Sim
  • No – Não
  • Hello – Olá
  • What is your name? – Como se chama?
  • How are you? – Como está/como estás?
  • Thank you – Obrigado

Of course, if you want to go a little more in depth you can find online lessons, and audio lessons to help with your Brazilian portuguese. You should spend about twenty minutes a day with your language learning endeavors, because just as in everything else you try, it is the persistent soul that wins the day.

Have the whole family join in and learn a few words a day. Practice listening and repeating them, then try to remember them. Create flashcards with the images of the word on one side, and the written word on the other and have one person hold the flash cards while the other tries to sound out the words and tries to associate the image with the word. This way it will be a great fun prelude activity to your trip to Brazil.

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