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Visit Rio’s Sugarloaf and enjoy spectacular city views

When you visit Rio de Janeiro you must go and experience the Sugarloaf. It is the tourist spot that is the best known location in Rio de Janeiro. While there are several great places that you must see while traveling in Rio de Janeiro, Rio’s Sugarloaf is the best tourist attraction there.

How do I get to Rio’s Sugarloaf?

The best way to get to Rio’s Sugarloaf is through the cable car system that is there: Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar. It is not possible to walk to the top. When you go to Rio de Janeiro, ask for a cab anywhere in the city. Tell them that you want to get to the cable car that takes you to Sugarloaf. All of the Taxi drivers are extremely friendly. They will know the location. It is a very famous travel location. Your taxi driver will take you to the cable car. There, expect to wait some time. Have no fear though, the wait is fine. There are plenty of things to see while you wait at the terminal for your cable car ride.

The Cable Car Ride

The cable car ride to Rio’s Sugarloaf is a very pleasant one. It only takes a few minute to the top. You will want to have your camera with you. The views are simply amazing. You will marvel at the amazing views and the height of this ride. It is very magical. You should expect to sit closely to others on the ride. The tram is seated, but you are seated together with other people.

Rio Sugarloaf Tram Ride

Rio Sugarloaf Tram Ride. Copyright by Ruy Alexandre on SXC

The top of Rio’s Sugarloaf

Once you reach the top of the Sugarloaf, you will be amazed. The height is just right to see all of Rio de Janeiro. This is the place to get a zoom lens out to get your souvenir picture to send back home. The pictorial opportunities are excellent. You will need to have a jacket while you are at the top. It is breezy. You have about an hour to visit. The cable car returns on a schedule. You have the option to go or stay longer.

The descent from Rio’s Sugarloaf

The descent from Rio’s Sugarloaf is a pleasant one. It is in reverse. Some people do not enjoy that part as much as others. If you are taking pictures, it is a nice opportunity to get some great aerial shots. The ride seems longer coming down. So really take note of all of the lovely views.

Rio’s skyline with Sugar Loaf. Copyright by Bruno Leivas, SXC

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  1. April 2, 2014
    How much does it cost to visit Sugar Loaf Mountain?
  2. April 2, 2014
    Hello David, Tickets cost R$ 63.00 for adults and R$ 31.00 for children (6-12 years). Children up to 5 are free. 63 Reais are currently a bit more than 27 USD.