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Barcelona – A perfect place for sport lovers

Barcelona – A perfect place for sport lovers

Because of its great location and amazing weather it is possible to almost do every kind of sport in Barcelona. There are lots of opportunities to practice it in both summer and winter. The Pyrenees for example are just three hours away from Barcelona and you could even go skiing from December to March.

In this city you can perfectly go hiking and jogging. The hills of Montjuic or Tibidabo are perfect to escape from the busy city center and to enjoy having a walk.

Skating is a typical sport practiced by many people. You will see a lot of skaters around the city and this is also the reason why people call Barcelona the capital of skaters. You can skate almost wherever you want but you will also find small skater parks for example at the beach of Bogatell. But if you prefer relaxing and enjoying the sun, the beach in Barceloneta would be the perfect place for you. There are so many other opportunities to do exercises at these beautiful places. Besides beach volley you can go sailboarding, kite surfing, diving, sailing etc. For the evening you can prepare a romantic picnic for your loved one and end your day with the fantastic sound of the waves.

As you can see, Barcelona offers so many different activities.
Just visit this beautiful and exciting city and enjoy all the cultural features – you will love it!


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