Nov 14, 2 years ago

¡Pura Vida!¡Pura Vida!

If you plan to study in Samara Spanish Language course, make sure to stop and discover Nosara, a beach village at only 33 kms/20 miles north from Samara. There, you will get to experience what the expression Pura Vida really means and will soon find yourself returning to this little paradise again and again…and again.

The beaches of Nosara are breathtaking; surrounded by the jungle, they have everything you can dream of. White sand, clear water and exotic seashells that will keep your eyes busy for a moment. A long moment(talking from experience). As tempted as you may be to bring back home some of these little treasures with you, just don´t do it as they won’t travel any further than to the CR Customs! They belong to Costa Rica and will remain in Costa Rica…

Nosara is also a great spot for surf lovers. If you’re interested in taking some classes, consider checking out the multiple schools they have there and you will for sure find one that fits you.(Recommendations: Surf Simply (The owner is English), Surf Bikini Retreat ( Surf camp for women- The owner is a woman”tica” From Nosara)
Many other activities can be done in Nosara, such as Skydiving, Fishing, Horse Riding, Zip lining… also know that it´s one of the world’s leading yoga hotspots which means that you will get a taste of the best yoga you’ve ever experienced in your life.

Most locals ride buggies; you can easily rent one to explore Nosara and the Guanacaste region or simply drive to one of the Hotel Bar Restaurants with pools for drinks ( Gilded Iguana, Café de Paris, Kaya Sol) On the way, open your eyes as you may encounter the impressive wildlife of Nosara ! Iguanas crossing your path, Monkeys goofing in the trees, playing hide and seek, Lizards… and to get a little closer to them, you can also visit refuges (Refuge for Wildlife, Sibu Wildlife sanctuary).

If you’re thirsty and fancy craft beers, try one of the tasty ones brewed in Costa Rica since 2010 that can be found in bars such as Kaya Sol, Hotel harmony, Sunrise Restaurant, Blue spirit.

Enjoy the trip !


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